What to get the best dad ever this Father’s Day

chicken skewers cooking on a BBQ

Buying gifts for dad can be really difficult. They tend to have most of the things they need, and often answer ‘what would you like for Father’s Day?’ with some kind of unfunny dad joke that has you rolling your eyes so hard you forget what the conversation was originally about. Luckily for you, there are some relatively foolproof Father’s Day gift ideas that will have your dad grinning from ear to ear – and we’ve got the rundown of them.

Metal Dog Garden Sculpture

Generally speaking, there are a few different types of dads. You’ve got your Outdoorsy Dads who love all things camping and BBQs. They’re the ones who think a trip to the Lake District in the campervan is much more exciting than that all-inclusive in Tunisia. Then there are the Gardening Dads who can always be found starting some kind of new project out in the back garden, whether it’s planting new shrubs or building a random deck.

Maybe your dad is more into manmade things, though. In which case he might be a Fuelhead Dad. These are the dads that see their car as their extra child (or wife!) they’re always found covered in a little grease, and won’t ever let you drive their car. Finally, there are the Fine Wine and Dining Dads – the dads who just love a good bottle of wine or whiskey. They can often be found debating between the Port or the Cherry and might even have their own home bar.

It goes without saying that each type of dad suits a different type of gift. But we’ve got something for everyone!

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Gift Ideas for Outdoorsy Dads

If your dad loves the great outdoors, then why not get him something he can use out there. He may well seem to have everything he could possibly need (and more), but there’s always something that needs replacing or updating!

Perhaps his BBQ cleaning gear is getting a little bit shabby from all of those BBQs during lockdown, or perhaps he doesn’t have any BBQ cleaning gear at all! In which case, something like this Landmann Long Handled Grill Bush 3 in 1 would be the perfect Father’s Day gift.

Or, if your dad doesn’t actually have a BBQ but keeps talking about them, or maybe he keeps buying disposable BBQs, then why not treat him to something really special that will last for years to come, like a Charboil Kettleman BBQ? Besides, you benefit from that too – think of all the tasty food your dad’ll be able to make with it!

For those experienced BBQ chef dads, you might decide it’s time to treat him to a full set of utensils like the 13-piece Landmann Stainless Steel Tool Set that comes with a great case so he can even take it with him on the next family camping trip. Pair that with some brand new Falcon Enamelware crockery and he’s the luckiest camper on the campsite. His set-up will be the envy of all the other dads around!

Charbroil Table Top BBQ

Gift Ideas for Fuelhead Dads

There’s not a whole lot that you can get for a dad who is obsessed with his car – after all, he’s already got the car. But rest assured, there are some options out there for Father’s Day! You could buy him some cleaning products for the inside and outside of the car, like Armor All Carpet and Seat Wipes, or CarPlan Black Trim Wax. Pair these gifts with a homemade coupon for 1 car wash and you’ll have won Father’s day.

Or, if you want something a bit more ‘wow’, you can get your dad a Hozelock Pressure Sprayer or even a Streetwize Car Polisher to keep his pride and joy nice and shiny and scuff-free!

Car Cleaning

Gift Ideas for Fine Wine and Dining Dads

So your dad loves his fine wines and might think he’s James Bond without all the action (and without all the Bond Girls)? Then get him some Father’s day gifts suitable for 007! We’re talking full-on home bar style presents here, like the Ravenhead Tumblers Regency Gold HiBall Tumblers, or the Viners Barware Glass Cocktail Shaker. After all, he’ll want it shaken. Not stirred.

Gift Ideas for Gardening Dads

For those dads who have green fingers, some gifts for the garden are in order. Whether they’re gifts to help him out on the next project, tools to make keeping up with the maintenance that little bit easier, or something more out there, we’ve got a great range of gardening gifts for dads.

Does your dad use a lot of hand tools? Maybe he has been complaining about one of them rusting or becoming blunt? Why not top his gardening tool kit up with a whole range of new hand tools! He’ll be ecstatic and will spend the entirety of father’s day buried in the garden doing all kinds of random bits and bobs.

If the garden is already well kept, and you know his tool kit doesn’t need replenishing, you can make the garden a bit more exciting instead. Something like the Kaemingk LED 3 Tier Polyresin Garden Fountain would be a great addition to pretty much any garden and will show your dad you care about his hobby. Not sure if a water fountain would work for your garden or your dad? Then how about some garden ornaments like the Kaemingk Garden Planter? Gorgeous, timeless, and useful, it’s the perfect Father’s day gift.

Or you could go even bigger and treat the whole family to some brand new garden furniture! It’ll allow you all to enjoy the hard work that your dad has put into the garden whilst still comfy and without sitting on and squishing his manicured grass and/or flower beds.