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Tetra TetraMin - 100ml (20g)

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Tetra TetraMin - 100ml (20g) TetraMin flakes are the world's best selling aquarium food, providing a complete, balanced diet with minimal waste production
Clean and Clear formula for excellent food utilisation, leading to less waste production and better growth. This has positive effects on the water quality (reduction of nitrate by up to 16%, reduction of phosphate by up to 10%). The improvement of the water quality reduces algae growth and therefore leads to clearer water. TetraMin - Clearly better!
Tetra's patented Active Formula helps maintain a healthy immune system and the fishes' ability to cope with stress'
Carefully balanced nutrients, high-quality sources of energy, and essential vitamins
Staple food for all ornamental fish to ensure a long and healthy life. New formula guarantees clearer water
Consists of more than 40 high quality raw materials
Excellent acceptance by all types and sizes of ornamental fish
Low waste production means cleaner and healthier water At Seasonal Home Online we have many products for pets and this includes products from Tetra which include pond treatments, goldfish food, goldfish granules, goldfish holiday, koi sticks and much more.
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