How to keep your kids entertained this summer

children playing in the garden with garden sprinkler

As much as we all love our little ones, sometimes we find ourselves dreading the 6-week summer holidays – especially if we aren’t working them! Kids are great, but trying to keep them entertained for a weekend can prove itself to be hard enough, let alone for 6 whole weeks. Sure, they’ll be visiting friends sometimes, but what about the rest of the time? It’s not like you can just leave them unattended for the whole summer! So what can you do to keep your little ones entertained?

Garden playtime

For those lucky enough to have a garden, there are lots that you can do without leaving the comfort of your own home to keep your kids happy and busy. Whether you just give them a tennis ball and a racket each or go a little further, the garden can be a great source and location for entertaining your children during the summer holidays.

If you want to do more than just give them some sporting gear, there are some great ways to make your garden the perfect summer haven for your children and all of their friends this summer.

Paddling pools

Family paddling pool

What child doesn’t love a paddling pool? Even most adults would love a splash in one – not that they’d admit it! A paddling pool is a great way to keep your kids happy and entertained whilst also keeping them cool as our summer approaches its peak. Load a paddling pool up with some plastic balls and toys, or provide them with a couple of water pistols, and they’ll have an absolute blast! There are lots of sizes when it comes to paddling pools, too, so even if your garden is on the smaller side, you’ll be able to find one to fit.

Inflatable Waterpark

If you have the space, you can upgrade your paddling pool into an incredible water haven for you and the neighbourhood’s kids. This Go Park Mega Water Park is a brilliant inflatable set that makes your back garden into a brilliant summer hotspot. The waterpark has a climbing wall, a double slide, a sprinkler ball and even a punching bag, and it inflates quickly to give your kids something to keep them occupied all day long. The inflatable also has a built-in blower to make your life easier!

Home garden inflatable water park for kids

Bouncy Castle

Bouncy castles are great. They’re a brilliant invention, and they can keep children entertained for hours at a time whilst also giving them some great exercise! If your kids aren’t particularly big fans of water, or if you’re looking for a different way to keep them busy and wear them out this summer, why not invest in your very own back garden bouncy castle? You’ll be the talk of the town among the youngsters, and you won’t have to worry about your little ones getting bored or restless.


For those without the right kit for a BBQ, you can stock up this summer. You’ll thank yourself in the long run, after all, you can never go wrong with a BBQ! All you’ll need is a good BBQ from a well-known brand like Charbroil, some cooking utensils, and all the food you fancy making!

landmann stainless steel bbq tools set with carry case

Fun for all the family, BBQs are a great way to spend some quality time with your kids this summer and enjoy yourselves as a family. You can teach them (carefully) how to cook, get them involved with all the prep, and even have some outdoor games ready to play. In fact, you could pair a BBQ with a paddling pool or bouncy castle for a real weekend of fun.

chicken skewers cooking on a BBQ

Gardening fun

It’s no big secret that kids love dirt. They always have, and most of them always will. So why not use that in a creative way? Get your children to pick some seeds from what you have available, and pick a pot each. Then you can help them to pack the pot with soil and plant the seed! The best part is that they can watch the flowers grow over the summer.

Planting their own flowers

Instinctively, you might assume that your children wouldn’t have any interest in gardening over the summer. But you’d be surprised how fun gardening can be, and for younger children, it’s a sensory wonderland! There is lots that kids can help with around the garden, and all it takes is some music and a fun attitude to make what you might deem a chore into a fun family activity.

To make this even more fun, spend a little more on a ceramic or plastic pot and they can paint the pot before they plant their flower. This makes it really theirs, and might even spark a real interest in gardening!

Building new furniture

Has that time of year hit when you realise that actually the wooden chairs or plastic chairs you were relying on this summer just won’t hold up under the weather or the weight of anyone sitting on them? Then you’ll be needing new garden furniture. Perhaps a bench, or some chairs and tables are needed. You’ll also need to build said new garden furniture. So why not do it with the kids? Teach them some valuable life skills and spend quality time together, and then you can enjoy the results of your projects together by relaxing on your new table and/or chairs!

Ronseal garden paint mint green


Kids love painting, and if your kids are the type to go through a reem of paper a day in the summer, why not finally get around to painting your back garden fence, or putting the numbers on your wheelie bins? Your kids will get to be creative, you get some help, and you all get to spend some time together!

Exterior paint is easy to use, and there are loads of choices available in a great range of colours. Just pick paint and enough brushes for all of you to take part, and then you can get started on your project.

Set of 5 paint brushes

Day Trips and Staycations

Fancy leaving the house for a bit? Maybe getting away for a day or two? Well, why not go on a day trip, or for a staycation? The UK is full of great places for both, and you’re bound to keep the kids happy by doing so! Whether you pop along to the nearest hiking site, or you take a drive to the local beach, the summer was meant for adventures – so get going, and take these things with you to keep the kids busy!


Heading to the beach? Take a picnic! Heading on a hike? Take a picnic! Heading to the museum? Take a picnic! There is no place where taking a picnic in the summer isn’t a good idea. They’re cheaper than eating out, you get the fun of making it all, and if you eat it outside you can enjoy the great British summertime whilst you eat!

For the best picnics, you’ll need ample food storage, like these Wham Everyday Clear Food Storage boxes. You’ll also need some cups like the Chef Aid Plastic Cups.

Eco Friendly paper sandwich bags


Picnics are great, but sometimes that isn’t enough to keep kids busy and entertained. In which case, take some games with you on your picnic. Whether you’re at the local park, or even if you’re off on a staycation, games can always come in handy. Now, since it isn’t easy to pack electrics, and not everywhere has access to outlets, board games and old-fashioned card games are absolutely the best call.

Classics like Ludo, Draughts and Snakes and Ladders are timeless and complete classics for a reason! Take them with you on your summer adventures and get some high-quality family time in with your little ones.