Environmentally Friendly Packaging Solutions For Small Businesses


Below you will find some tip and ideas, which we as a business at Seasonal Home Online, do daily. We are committed to try and reduce our carbon footprint and make our business as environmentally friendly as possible.

Do you throw away your cardboard boxes? Why not re-use them?

 If the box is sturdy enough, we package items in the 2nd hand boxes. Not only is this environmentally friendly, but it also keeps costs down. If the box is damaged/not fit for purpose, we get a local business to recycle the unwanted boxes/scraps of cardboard.

Do you use plastic packaging to package your parcels? Why not find a greener alternative?

We have switched from bubble wrap to environmentally friendly alternative. Please see below some of the benefits of using ‘Hive Wrap’ –

100% recyclable


Highly protective meaning reduced breakages and returns

Increased speed and efficiency of wrapping over traditional alternatives

Clings to itself, requiring no tape or glue

Easily torn by hand 

Why not contact local businesses to see if they have spare packaging?

Sometimes we do include bubble wrap in our parcel’s however this is sourced from a local business, who no longer require this packaging. Instead of them disposing of this, we re-use to package our parcels.

Do you bin paper which is no longer needed? Why not shred this for packaging?

Here at Seasonal Home Online, we try to re-use every available material to package our parcels. For unwanted pieces of paper, we shred these and use as an alternative packaging material. Not only does this save money, it reduces your paper waste.

If you have any questions/enquiries/tips with regards to making our business more environmentally friendly, please contact: