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Bird Feeders

Our bird feeders are sure to keep your garden wildlife happy and come in a variety of shapes and sizes from heart shaped suet ball feeders, feeders for seeds, nuts and suet balls and ground feeders.

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Spring Cleaning Sale

Many of our home cleaning products are now in our spring sale with discounts up to 50% off.

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Home Storage

Storage solutions for your Kitchen and around the home. Keep food organised and fresh with so many options and brands to choose from.

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Plant care

Plant care for your garden and house plants. A wide range of products from starting your seeds to protection from frost, and food for your carefully nurtured blooms.

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Very excited to introduce Hygeia.....

Nature Safe is an exciting range of Organic and Vegan Friendly products using 100% plant based organic material. There are no animal by-products orpoultry additions and is Child & Pet Safe.

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Lots of Pots....

Plant pots both practical and decorative available in various sizes, colours and textures.
Give your plants a beautiful space to grow.

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